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Astronaut Addresses

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In previous years, you could send both active and retired astronauts autograph requests care of NASA. Today due to the thousands of requests received annually (and the preferences of some of the retired astronauts), the space agency will only respond to requests for the active corps.

Autograph requests for astronauts assigned to upcoming flights or currently in training can be mailed to:
Name of Astronaut
Astronaut Office Mail Code CB
2101 NASA Road 1
Houston, Texas 77058-3696
It is not necessary to include return postage or envelope.

NASA maintains a complete list of its active astronauts.

Some of the early astronauts still will reply to autograph requests through the mail. This guide identifies who will, their preferred mailing address and whether they charge.

Unless specifically stated, you must include your own item to be autographed and sufficient postage (usually a self-addressed stamped envelope) for its return to you.

The following astronauts are now deceased:

Neil Armstrong
Charles Bassett
Scott Carpenter
Roger Chaffee
Charles Conrad
Gordon Cooper
Donn Eisele
Ronald Evans
Theodore Freeman
Virgil Grissom
  James Irwin
William Pogue
Stuart Roosa
Walter Schirra
Elliot See
Alan Shepard
Deke Slayton
John Swigert
Edward White
Clifton Williams

The following astronauts no longer accept requests:

William Anders
Vance Brand*
Frank Borman*
Michael Collins*
Owen Garriott*
Joseph Kerwin*
James Lovell*
Thomas Mattingly
  James McDivitt*
Harrison Schmitt
Russell Schweickart*
David Scott*
Thomas Stafford*
Alfred Worden*
John Young

* These astronauts may take part in periodic commercial signings and/or attend autograph shows.

The following astronauts accept mailed requests:

John Glenn (MA-6, STS-95)
c\o The John Glenn Institute
The Ohio State University
304 Page Hall
1810 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210

notes: signs for free; items are returned via the U.S. Postal Service, uninsured and unregistered; for alternate method of return, you must include the appropriate pre-paid, addressed forms; for his memoirs, include return packaging and postage; Senator Glenn's opportunities to autograph items are limited and therefore a delay (at times significant) in their return can be expected.

Eugene Cernan (GT-9, AS-10,17)
P.O. Box 19809
Houston, TX 77224-4809

notes: use this address for only his book, limited to one per person;
Buzz Aldrin (GT-12, AS-11)
c/o Assante
10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90024

notes: $600 per autograph on previously unsigned items; add $20 for mission inscription; other fees and restrictions may apply, contact for more information; payable to: "Buzz Aldrin"

Walter Cunningham (AS-7)
5110 San Felipe #162W
Houston, TX 77056

notes: $100 per autograph; add $10 per ten word inscription; provides a photograph for an additional $10; cancelled checks are available for $35; payable to "Walter Cunningham". Foreign collectors need to provide adequate U.S. postage for return shipping. See

Alan Bean (AS-12, SL-3)
9173 Briar Forest
Houston, TX 77024

notes: $200 per autograph; $250 per 3D item; $275 per philatelic covers or trading cards; $300 per Beta cloth patches or name tags; $50 per photograph supplied by Bean; outside the USA: add $50; make checks payable to: "Alan Bean"; if using a box to send/return item(s), must use FedEx or UPS and include a completed return airbill.

Fred Haise (AS-13)
c/o INFINITY Science Center, Inc.
PO Box 580
Pearlington, MS 39572

notes: $50 donation per autograph, or $100 donation for three autographs (salutation included); payable to "INFINITY Science Center"; see: Haise's letter for more details

Edgar Mitchell (AS-14)
P.O. Box 540037
Lake Worth, FL 33454-0037

notes: $75 per autograph; brief inscription (other than your name) add $10; payable to "Edgar Mitchell"; see:

Charles Duke (AS-16)
P.O. Box 310345
New Braunfels, TX 78131

notes: $150 per autograph; payable to: "Charles Duke"; see:

Paul Weitz (SL-2, STS-6)
3086 N. Tam O'Shanter Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

notes: $80 per autograph, payable to: "Paul Weitz"; no models, balls, or globes; return postage and packaging required.

Jack Lousma (SL-3, STS-3)
2722 Roseland Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2137

notes: $25 per autograph up to 3 items; 4 for $75; 5 for $90; $15 per autograph for 6 items or more; payable to "Jack Lousma"

Gerald Carr (SL-4)
49 Maple Street, #123
Manchester Center, VT 05255-4477

notes: $50 per autograph; payable to "Gerald Carr"

Edward Gibson (SL-4)
34022 N 85th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

notes: $50 per autograph; payable to "Edward Gibson"

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